The MHofH Story

Sue and Rose with some of the MHofH children

Mombasa House of Hope is a children’s home in Mombasa, Kenya’s second largest city, and is the result of a burden God placed on the heart of the home’s founder, Susan Williams from Guernsey, C.I. It is a Christian charity formed to create a home for abandoned and neglected children.

Sue first visited Mombasa, Kenya in November 2006 for a holiday and also to visit an orphanage she had seen on the Internet. It was her long term plan to set up an orphanage herself at some point in the future, but seeing the overwhelming need of the vast numbers of children still living on the streets, she felt she could not wait and determined to do something immediately to help as many children as she could. She set up Mombasa House of Hope and has never looked back.

The aim of the House of Hope is to rescue as many street children as we are able and to provide them with a family home where they will loved and given the care and attention every child deserves.

The home is situated at Nyali Beach near to the Voyager hotel and Nyali Beach hotel. If you are visiting Mombasa and would like to come and visit us and see what we are doing for yourself, then please contact us and we would be happy to arrange it for you .

If you are interested in Volunteering then we would love to speak with you , please email for more information

As of August 2008, we have seven children. There is no shortage of children who need a home in Mombasa and we will continue to accept children into our family as we are financially able.

  • If you would like to consider supporting us,
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All adminstrative costs are born by the organisers so that 100% of your donation will be sent directly and in its entirety to the House of Hope.

The charity was registered in Guernsey in March 2007 (Charity No. 290).

House of Hope is a member of the Association of Guernsey Charities so regular payments made under a deed of covenant will quality for tax relief in Guernsey.